Working & Learning Remote in Rockport, TX

A man stretches at a desk on the beach

The current school year is definitely shaping up to be one for the history books. Puns aside, there may be a way to make lemonade out of these lemons. If you’re in a situation where you are able to learn (and work) remotely, we welcome you to consider joining us along the Texas Gulf. 


If you've been unsure or on the fence about traveling right now. You're not alone. That's why vacation rentals are the perfect accommodation type to ease a troubled mind. You, the guest, are in control of your own surroundings. Vacation rentals are typically more spacious than a hotel option and there are similar comforts to that of your own home. The only difference? Your backyard is the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Tips for Remote School and Work in Rockport

If you're going to pull off successful remote learning or working trip along the Gulf, you're going to need to think about a few things before your voyage. Here are our recommendations for ensuring your remote learning/working trip goes off without a hitch.

Reliable and Fast Wireless Internet Access

Fast Wi-Fi is invariably a key component to a successful distance learning and working trip. You and your children need to be able to easily access the internet from your devices. All Rockport Escapes vacation rentals provide high-speed internet access. However, in the off-chance that anything does happen, a power outage, a service issue, etc., you can rest assured knowing your nearby Rockport Escapes property managers are just a quick call and drive away.

Rockport-area Suppliers for Remote Learning/Working Needs

If you need school or office supplies at any point, Rockport Mail Center has everything you could need: copy paper, staples, paper clips, pens, markers, and other items. Rockport Mail Center is located just minutes away at 1919 Hwy 35 N Bypass, saving you an extra trip to the big “office box” store.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing immediate laptop/computer repairs, Tech Time comes highly recommended.

Changes of Lattitude, Changes of Attitude

At the beach, everything is just a little slower and calmer when you’re feet or within a couple of blocks of the sand and waves. We'd wager that you’re craving some peace and quiet right about now. While you’re staying in one of our spacious beach rentals, everyone in your tribe has space to spread out to relax and learn at their own speed, indoors or out. 

There are many reasons why we need a vacation. In addition to simply taking a break, changing up your locale for a week, two weeks, or even a long-term stay can really change your state of mind, for the better. It’s no secret that people of all ages are battling all sorts of mental health issues right now. Easy, hassle-free access to the sun, sand, and surf can help combat some of those challenges.

Ready to Learn or Work Remotely with Rockport Escapes?

Book your working and learning escape today. Start by perusing our collection of spacious vacation homes or call one of our vacation rental reservationists at 361-450-8011.