Rockport Texas Events - Your Guide to Local Fun

Upcoming Events Near Rockport & Corpus Christi

When you plan your Rockport or Corpus Christi vacation, check out the local events to try unique experiences for your trip. A way to support our artists, craftsmen, farmers, and fishermen is by shopping local during your stay, and that's easy to do when you visit nearby events. There's no better way to experience the best of Rockport! There are annual events and year-round markets so no matter when you visit, there's a great time ready to be had.


Browse by Art & Community, where you can find the Rockport Farmers Market, and other community events displaying local artisans. 


Explore Festivals & Live Music to find nearby events with performances and fun vendors. Catch our favorite bands at the local markets and annual festivals! 


Check out Food & Drink to try the many tastes that Rockport and Corpus Christi do better than anywhere else. From wine to oysters, you'll love attending a Food & Drink event on your trip!