Rockport Fishing Adventure - A Complete Guide

What's Hookin' in Rockport?

The Rockport and Corpus Christi area is a world-famous fishing area. The beauty of the Rockport bay area that makes it perfect for fishing is the layout. The position of the barrier islands and the layout of the peninsula itself allows for lots of protected water during periods of Gulf winds, or even the occasional wind blowing off the cold fronts inland. This protected water stays warmer and more calm, perfect for those fish seeking refuge from the gulf. That’s why shore, kayak, and pier fishing are such popular ways, year-round, to cast your line when you visit Rockport.


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The Best Time to Fish In Rockport


Winter Fishing

Winter is a fantastic time for fishing in Rockport. Temperatures rarely go below 50 degrees in the winter, so you can put on a coat and head out to the fishing pier for a chance to catch some of these fish. 

Black Drum are a regular winter catch and are best caught using shrimp. Flounder fishing is also great in the fall and winter. This is also the season for the migration of redfish.


Spring Fishing

In the spring, conditions are constantly changing. Expect to see good influxes of baitfish during periods of strong incoming tides. The larger more-desirable fish follow these baitfish in and can be caught with a great guide. Sheepsheads, Redfish, and Red Snappers are often what’s biting during the spring. 


Summer Fishing 

The summer season on Rockport waters is typically the best time of year. Offshore fishing is also starting to get going around July. Expect to see (and hopefully hook) Kingfish, Snapper, Cobia, and Mahi Mahi.  Catch a charter and cast your line for the best bites of the year!

Fall Fishing

From late summer through to mid-winter, the larger boats head out to the Gulf. This is when deep sea fishing in Rockport really kicks off.  Dream catches like Blackfin and Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, and even Blue Marlin make the warmer Gulf waters just off of Texas their home, giving you the best chance for the catch of a lifetime. First, the Mahi Mahi starts biting in August, then Marlin and Tuna begin coming around near the end of September. King mackerel, Redfish, and Speckled trout also bite well in fall.   


It’s a great idea to go fishing in Rockport in the late summer and early fall, between August and October. These months are when tourism is slower in the region. The demand for fishing is lower, making the charters cheaper. However, fishing in the bay and Gulf is still excellent at this time of the year providing the best value for your fishing trip.


 Plan Your Trip

As you can tell, there’s never a bad time to go fishing in Rockport. Make the most of the great weather year-round, cast your line, and test your luck against a variety of exciting (and delicious) fish. Discover for yourself why Rockport and Corpus Christi are so famed for their fishing.

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What Fish Can Be Caught Around Rockport? 

There are numerous amount of fish species you can catch when fishing in Rockport. You can catch some of Texas’s most desired fish when angling inshore, and there are plenty of offshore opportunities as well. We've added some of our favorites below!