Nature & Wildlife



If you’re seeking a wide variety of flora and fauna, wildlife, and more, Rockport is the perfect place to explore! This area is home to a variety of beautiful nature preserves.  Our corner of the Gulf is one of the most stunning and well-designed wildlife viewing areas in Texas. 

Rockport, Texas is a renowned destination for passionate birders of all experience levels. From the Bahia Loop and Aransas Loop of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail and the beautiful Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, the Rockport area is brimming with world-class birding sites. It's especially popular for seeing whooping cranes. Grab your birding gear and head down to Rockport.

butterflies on a flower
A girl observes a tank at an aquarium
The Big Tree at Goose Island Park in Rockport Texas
A dog retrieves a duck during a hunt
Two duck hunters talk in the reeds by water